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9 08, 2019

Forty Years! Time Flies When You’re Having SUN


Forty Years! Time Flies When You’re Having SUN …Best Awning Company Has Been Covering Colorado Since 1979 Sometimes I have to shake my head in mild amazement when I realize it’s been four decades since Best Awning Company was founded. January 1, 1979, we embarked on our mission to provide our customers with the very “best” solutions for their home and business exteriors, starting by founding Conifer Gutter Service to provide expert gutter and downspout service throughout the west metro and Front Range areas. We’ve truly “grown up” with the home exterior industry.  These days, Best Awning Company is a separate, second firm.  We’re still known for high-quality work by both firms, and thanks to our cherished customers, [...]

Forty Years! Time Flies When You’re Having SUN2019-08-11T07:48:39-06:00
23 07, 2019

Introducing SPACE and SPACE WALL…


Introducing SPACE and SPACE WALL… …"Hot" New Awning Products To Keep Your Summer Cool As a seasoned awning professional, even I am constantly amazed by the variety of new awning products being developed (and perfected) by the industry’s top manufacturers, such as KE Durasol. "What'll they think of next?" One of the most exciting new developments in the awning industry is the new line of SPACE and SPACE WALL products. These awning systems are "hot" these days… and nothing beats SPACE and SPACE WALL for keeping your summertime outdoor living cool! If you're a homeowner who's often thought you couldn't really use a retractable awning due to certain dimensional constraints on your property, take a look at the [...]

Introducing SPACE and SPACE WALL…2019-07-23T11:56:15-06:00
28 06, 2019

Keep Your Cool This Summer


Keep Your Cool This Summer … And Save Energy With A Retractable Awning Or Sun Shade Summer has arrived… and with it, all the fun outdoor activities that make Colorado such a wonderful place to live and work. Swimming… picnics by the backyard pool… cookouts on the back deck… and, for restaurants, a return to outdoor dining (and the extra revenue you gain by opening additional seating on your patio or deck). The heat is on! And, of course, so is your air conditioner. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner or business manager to set the indoor comfort system for their property to automatically maintain an acceptable level of coolness during Colorado’s hot summer months. As a result, [...]

Keep Your Cool This Summer2019-06-28T08:19:49-06:00
28 05, 2019

Restaurants: Now’s The Time To Plan For Fall Profits


Restaurants: Now’s The Time To Plan For Fall Profits A Great Awning-Covered Outdoor Space Is A Money Maker Nothing beats dining in the great Colorado outdoors. So why don’t more restaurants offer outdoor dining to their customers? Many do – and the restaurants that do outdoor dining right make a lot of money with it. Some restaurants make an effort at opening up a dining patio, but don’t really think it through… they toss some high-top tables and cheap umbrellas out there, and soon find customers complaining when a Colorado wind storm or rain cloud passes by. Before long, they’re right back to keeping a waiting list for customers who overflow their limited indoor seating. Still others don’t [...]

Restaurants: Now’s The Time To Plan For Fall Profits2019-05-28T10:53:16-06:00
24 04, 2019

Springtime In Colorado: In Like A Lion


Springtime In Colorado: In Like A Lion Today’s Best Awnings Can Protect Themselves From The Wind Let’s shoot the breeze about a subject that gets a surprising amount of “air” time here in the Rocky Mountain West. I’m referring, of course, to the wind. According to The Denver Post, it’s not unusual for the Colorado Front Range region (including the Denver area, and particularly the western suburbs) to experience winds of 100 miles per hour (or more) at times during the stormy seasons. Citing information from the Colorado State University Climate Center, the Post notes that, while often presented in the form of brief gusts, strong (and even severe) “down slope winds” are common when air [...]

Springtime In Colorado: In Like A Lion2019-04-24T20:43:37-06:00
29 03, 2019

Do Retractable Awnings Work?


Do Retractable Awnings Work? You bet they do! But you need a good product, professionally installed. A good retractable awning is designed to operate reliably to enhance the comfort and beauty of your outdoor space, whether at home, your office “break area,” or your restaurant’s outdoor dining space.  Some of the best recent designs include weather-sensing technology which can close the awning during damaging wind storms, even if you’re away from home. And with the variety of awning products available today, you can have everything from a standard retractable deck awning, to a simple sun shade, to a retractable pergola cover, to a fully-enclosed outdoor “room.”  Awnings also form an excellent investment. They add value to the property [...]

Do Retractable Awnings Work?2019-03-29T11:33:01-06:00
26 02, 2019

Now’s The Time To Get Your Awnings Repaired


Now’s The Time To Get Your Awnings Repaired Take A Look – Your Awnings May Have Suffered Fixable Damage With the approach of spring, homeowners and business managers will be uncovering and testing their awnings. Whether it’s a retractable awning lending shade (and energy efficiency) to your home’s patio or deck, or you have an awning or enclosure for your restaurant’s outdoor dining area, the time is fast approaching when you’ll want to inspect your awning and make sure it’s warm-weather-ready. (Don’t let the current cold temperatures fool you… we all know how fast things change here in Colorado!) Those final big storms of last season – wind, hail, rain, even snowfall that sometimes catches us [...]

Now’s The Time To Get Your Awnings Repaired2019-02-26T20:32:50-07:00
28 01, 2019

You Can Afford To Expand Outdoor Seating


You Can Afford To Expand Outdoor Seating With New Financing Options, Maybe You Can’t Afford NOT To! In a couple of months, many restaurants in Denver and the surrounding area will be preparing for the lucrative outdoor dining season. The smartest restaurant owners will already have been ahead of that curve! From cleaning and refurbishing outdoor tables, chairs, fixtures, and equipment… to making plans for adding additional service and prep staff… to keeping an eye on the forecasts and promoting the outdoor dining experience Colorado patrons love… just about every restaurant with any outdoor space will be doing what they can to capture their share of the market. It’s not unlike ski resorts in the fall… [...]

You Can Afford To Expand Outdoor Seating2019-01-29T12:11:13-07:00
21 12, 2018

Local Awning Experience: Does It Matter?


Local Awning Experience: Does It Matter? Yes! Local Knowledge Can Make ALL The Difference For Your Project Even during the cold winter months, your neighbors in Denver and all along the Colorado Front Range are making the smart choice to add an awning or enclosure to their outdoor space. Why? Several reasons: Now’s a great time to start an awning or enclosure project at your home or business… awning installations are easier to schedule than during the busy spring and summer months, and you can often get a great deal this time of year on some of the best awning products on the market. Enclose or cover a patio or other outdoor space this time of year, and [...]

Local Awning Experience: Does It Matter?2018-12-21T12:34:24-07:00
27 11, 2018

Cover Your Restaurant Patio With A Beautiful New Awning


Cover Your Restaurant Patio With A Beautiful New Awning Today’s Best Awning Products Are The Perfect Winter Solution Got a restaurant, coffee shop, or other serviced business that could use more revenue?Having more seating available for customers is the fastest way to grow your service business’s bottom line.  More seating means more tickets, of course, and that means more cash flow.But who’s got the time, the capital… or even the space… to tear down walls and expand the dining room?Many of your fellow Denver and Colorado business owners have discovered the wisdom of expanding their customer seating without an expensive remodel.With the great selection of amazing new awning products available on today’s market, you can add seating by enclosing [...]

Cover Your Restaurant Patio With A Beautiful New Awning2018-11-27T14:26:38-07:00