30 01, 2020

KE Awnings… They’re Fantastic!… And Now’s The Time


KE Awnings… They're Fantastic!... And Now's The Time Best Awning Company Can Order Yours Before The Rush I’ll bet you didn’t know it… but there’s a big flood coming. No need to panic, though. You don’t need to start building walls with sandbags… you don’t need to move all the furniture upstairs. This isn’t the kind of impending flood that would cause you to double-check your homeowner’s insurance coverage, either (though it’s never a bad idea to keep such things up-to-date). No, the flood I’m talking about isn’t related to the weather, or the spring run-off, or the bursting of any dam. Not a flood of water at all. The flood that’s coming, without a doubt, is [...]

KE Awnings… They’re Fantastic!… And Now’s The Time2021-06-16T01:48:32-06:00
4 05, 2018

End The Wait For Great Outdoor Dining


End The Wait For Great Outdoor Dining Fire Up Your Restaurant’s Profit With A Self-Paying Awning Investment When business heats up for your restaurant, coffee shop, or diner… when the kitchen, wait staff, managers, everybody is busy… when every seat in your dining room is occupied, and your host staff is working through a waiting list… that’s a wonderful sign that you’re doing things right. But in many cases, it’s also a sign of lost opportunity. Maybe you have some outdoor space you could work with.  Maybe your patrons would love to sit outside and enjoy the great Rocky Mountain scenery while sampling your chef’s special offerings. You’d probably agree: many would prefer a wonderful outdoor dining [...]

End The Wait For Great Outdoor Dining2021-06-16T02:04:49-06:00
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