Now’s The Time To Get Your Awnings Repaired

Take A Look – Your Awnings May Have Suffered Fixable Damage

Get Your Awnings Repaired

With the approach of spring, homeowners and business managers will be uncovering and testing their awnings.

Whether it’s a retractable awning lending shade (and energy efficiency) to your home’s patio or deck, or you have an awning or enclosure for your restaurant’s outdoor dining area, the time is fast approaching when you’ll want to inspect your awning and make sure it’s warm-weather-ready.

(Don’t let the current cold temperatures fool you… we all know how fast things change here in Colorado!)

Those final big storms of last season – wind, hail, rain, even snowfall that sometimes catches us by surprise in the autumn – might have damaged your awnings in ways (and in places) you may not have noticed.

Take a look at your awning the next time we have one of those warm-ish, sunny late-winter days.  If the awning is damaged, now is the time to get it fixed, when awning companies aren’t as busy… prices are a bit lower, and scheduling quite a bit easier, this time of year.

You don’t want to wait until you want to use your awning for family or customers!

Colorado Weather Can Damage Even The Most Durable Awnings

If you’ve lived in Colorado (or done business here) for any amount of time, you know we can enjoy lots of wonderful weather – but that we can also experience some freakishly-severe storms on occasion.

Some of the most sophisticated awning products on the market today are actually equipped with weather-sensing technology.  If the wind begins to blast while you’re away from home on a run to the store, these smart awnings will actually retract themselves to prevent damage.

But even the best awning products can still suffer damage from time to time in our usually-beautiful – but sometimes fierce – Colorado climate.

When you check out your awning for the first time this season, look for rips or holes in the fabric.  Sometimes minor fabric damage can be patched… and some patching projects can leave the awning looking new again.  But for more severe damage, you can have the fabric replaced without replacing the entire awning mechanism.

Are the struts or supports damaged – dented, or bent?  How is the motor that drives your retractable awning functioning?  Any problems with the controls?  In many cases, an isolated problem can be repaired without replacing the whole awning.

“Can You Repair An Awning Even If You Didn’t Install It?”

If you ask the awning experts at Best Awning Company, the answer is generally “yes.”

There are awning companies out there who won’t work on awnings they didn’t install – but Best Awning Company will do whatever it takes to earn the trust of a new customer, and often that means fixing an awning we didn’t sell them.

Speaking of which, beware: there are also awning salespeople out there who will tell you your awning must be completely replaced (resulting in a nice commission for the salesperson) when, in fact, a simple repair may have been possible.

The best awning companies want to help you, not just sell you.  They’ll repair any awning, even if they didn’t install it, knowing that saving you money now will likely mean you’ll call them when it’s time to replace or add a new awning.

Look at online reviews, and you’ll be able to quickly tell the trustworthy awning companies from those that are less so.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your awning looking sharp and working great.  Now’s the time – when new installations of awnings are not as common as they will be in a couple of months – to get an experienced, reliable crew to give your awning the TLC it needs and deserves.  Call now, and your awning will be ready for duty at the first sign of spring.

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