You Can Afford To Expand Outdoor Seating

With New Financing Options, Maybe You Can’t Afford NOT To!

You Can Afford To Expand Outdoor Seating1

In a couple of months, many restaurants in Denver and the surrounding area will be preparing for the lucrative outdoor dining season.

The smartest restaurant owners will already have been ahead of that curve!

From cleaning and refurbishing outdoor tables, chairs, fixtures, and equipment… to making plans for adding additional service and prep staff… to keeping an eye on the forecasts and promoting the outdoor dining experience Colorado patrons love… just about every restaurant with any outdoor space will be doing what they can to capture their share of the market.

It’s not unlike ski resorts in the fall… every resort wants to be the first to open to the ski-crazy public, and in recent decades they’ve employed snow-making equipment to give themselves that all-important “first mover advantage.”

Savvy restaurant owners can do the same thing.

Colorado “cabin fever” will create quite a bit of pent-up demand for outdoor restaurant and tavern seating by the time spring rolls around.  Be the first to open your patio or deck for outdoor patrons, and you’ll get folks used to enjoying your restaurant ahead of the competition.

That’s why the wisest Colorado restaurant owners invest in some of the best awning products available today – especially the kind of “three seasons room” products that allow you to keep customers comfortable nearly year-round… and extend that great revenue-producing outdoor dining season.

Now You Can Afford To Be First

What’s been holding you back from adding that great three-seasons covering to your patio or dining deck… and from being the first restaurant in your market area to invite patrons to enjoy your outdoor space?

Ask most restaurant owners, and their answer will come down to a single word: money.

Ideally, you’d like to have your three seasons room installed now, to beat the competition to the punch… but it’s hard to squeeze your cash flow during the slower season in order to afford that kind of investment.

But what if you could get that new outdoor enclosure – in many cases, fully retractable and virtually impervious to Colorado’s often-harsh weather – with zero down, and zero payments for 90 days?

By the time your first payment would be due, you’d already be realizing the significant increase in revenue that comes with expanded outdoor seating – before the restaurant down the street knows what hit them! – and those payments would be easy.

In fact, business would probably be so good that you’d start to think about paying off the investment early.

And since you’d have no pre-payment penalty for doing so… go ahead!

Whether it’s protection from the fierce Colorado sun, or from those pesky unexpected rain showers, your customers will have the best possible outdoor dining experience… available first from you.

We’ve arranged to make these great financing options available to you.  Not all awning companies can offer you the kind of help you need with financing for your outdoor dining expansion – only the best! – so when you’re ready to give your restaurant a big boost over the competition, give the Best Awning Company a call.  We’ll be delighted to be of service to you!

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