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Help Win The “War For Talent” With A Great Outdoor Break Space

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Maybe you’ve heard: the U.S. economy is roaring, and we’re nearing that mythical state economists love known as “full employment.”

In fact, we may already be there.  Recent reports suggest there are now more jobs available in the United States than there are people out of work.  And it’s been a long time since we’ve seen any reports like that.

These days, I hear fellow entrepreneurs say all the time that the one thing holding back their businesses is finding enough good employees.

Like most things economic, employment levels in our country do tend to ebb and flow… but there’s no doubt, the unemployment tide is pretty low right now.

Winning The Coming War For Talent

What might this “full employment” situation mean for your business?

Maybe you’re one of the lucky business owners who isn’t desperate for new hires right now… but will that happy condition hold steady?  Do you suspect that some of your key folks might be starting to look around at other possibilities in this opportunity-rich environment?

A few years ago, during the last “war for talent” in America, some Silicon Valley businesses became famous for offering amazing benefit packages to their employees, in an effort to keep everybody happy and hard at work (and not for their competitors).  

Not just great medical and dental benefits…  these firms came up with things no one had heard about before.  Game rooms… amazing onsite child care… concierge and valet services… cafeterias that were indistinguishable from high-end restaurants.

You might not need to build a romper room for your employees… or offer steak-and-lobster lunches… but it might not be a bad idea to get ahead of the war for talent by finding innovative, cost-effective ways to send that all-important “we care” message to your people.

And it’s the perfect time of year to consider a great outdoor break area your employees will love.

For a surprisingly-modest investment, you can have a beautiful awning or sun shade installed in your company’s outdoor space… and create a space your people will look forward to visiting as they recharge.

A great outdoor break space is one thing you can afford to offer that could help get the best out of your people… and help persuade them to stay with you when recruiters come calling.

Innovative, Cost-Effective Options Are Nearly Endless

These days, you’re limited only by your imagination in terms of what kind of outdoor break area you could create for your valued employees.

You don’t need to “cheap out.”  Sure, you could toss out a few tables and café umbrellas, but those won’t provide much protection from wind, rain, and harsh sunlight… and would that be the message you want to send your employees?

On the other hand, you could “go big” – create a fully-retractable “extra room,” complete with full awning and zippered walls that can keep all but the harshest Colorado storms from ruining your folks’ outdoor lunch or after-work “happy hour.”  What kind of “we care” message would that send your best people?

But if you’re budget-conscious, there are lots of solutions available these days for retractable awnings that can provide the right balance.  The right message for the money. Something your competitors, who may be trying to woo your top talent right now, haven’t thought about.

Human nature tells us that folks don’t want to switch jobs if they don’t have to.  But when they feel under-appreciated (or even mistreated), they’ll walk away. Especially if they’re presented with attractive options, like the ones people are finding today.  

Meaningful gestures like this – the provision of a great outdoor break and lunch area – can go a long way toward keeping your best people on the job.

Your awning consultant can help you win the war for talent in ways you might not have considered.  From material and style choices, to mechanical options that protect your employees (and your new awning) from Colorado’s ever-changing weather, your awning expert can help you find the solution that’s just right for your firm… and help you send just the right message to your cherished team members.

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