A Nice Awning Will Keep You Out Of The Weather…

… And It Might Be Able To Keep Itself Out Of Harm’s Way, Too!


Isn’t it great to be able to sit outside on your patio or deck during one of our warm, pleasant Colorado summer evenings?  To sip a cool beverage or a glass of wine… have snacks or appetizers… or enjoy dinner as you watch the sun go down in a blaze of glory?

Maybe that’s why many of your neighbors all along the Front Range have discovered the beauty and utility (not to mention the increased property value!) of having a state-of-the-art retractable awning installed over their outdoor living space.

The wind can kick up… but some awning packages include zippered side-walls, too, so even a brief gust won’t drive everyone back inside.

And rain is always a possibility.

A lot of the time, the weather tends to move fairly quickly in and out of our Denver and west-suburb areas.  Having an awning helps your dinner party “weather the storm” long enough for Mother Nature to move away.

But it’s great to have a motorized, retractable awning for those times when the weather moves in and stays longer… or provides more intensity than an awning should endure!

“Smart” Awnings Can Sense Weather Changes… And Retract Themselves

It’s happened more than once – a couple is enjoying a cool late-afternoon drink on their awning-covered deck, when a call comes inviting them to dinner at a restaurant… or they decide to go to the movies… or for whatever reason, it’s time to leave the house for a little while.

And that’s when a fierce storm blows through, damaging the awning they’d forgotten to retract before they left.

After all, the sun was shining brightly, and they didn’t see a cloud in the sky when they took off!

But if you’ve lived here any amount of time at all, you know how quickly (and violently) the Colorado weather can change.

That’s why a new type of retractable awning has started to take the market “by storm” (pun fully intended).

You can now have a “smart awning” installed over your outdoor living space – an awning with weather-sensing technology that “knows” when the wind is kicking up, and automatically retracts itself, taking the fabric and other vulnerable parts of itself out of harm’s way.

Even when you aren’t home!

Relax And Enjoy The Summer

When your awning is “smart” enough to minimize its own risk of weather damage, you can spend your time thinking about (and doing) other things.

And since many of these weather-sensing products include customizable settings, you can decide beforehand how much wind is too much, or how much rain you want your awning to endure.

Wind sensors detect vibrations at the level you’ve pre-set, and automatically roll-up the awning when the wind reaches that level.

And you can even get smart awnings that can sense when things are getting too hot in the Colorado sunshine on your back patio, and actually roll themselves out to shade the area and cool things down – sometimes as much as twenty degrees!

That makes things a lot easier on your air conditioning system… and saves you money.

What will they think of next?  It’s hard to say… but rest assured your local awnings experts will stay on top of the “smart” changes in the awning industry, from innovators like SunSetter and KE Durasol, and always be ready to let you in on the latest developments.  Enjoy the beautiful Colorado summer!

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