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… Now Is The Best Time Of Year To Order Your New Awning

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At some point, you’re going to wish you had a beautiful new awning on your deck or patio.

It might be the middle of next summer when you’re baking in the hot sunshine that’s hard to remember (or even imagine) this time of year.

Maybe you’ll wish you had that awning next autumn when it would be GREAT to host a football party on your back patio… if only it was comfortable enough out there for your more weather-sensitive guests.

It might even be a couple of months from now, when we have those unseasonably warm Colorado days that make hanging out on the deck a non-crazy idea, even around Valentine’s Day.

I don’t know when you’re going to want that awning; I can’t read minds, let alone the future.

But you’re going to want it at some point!

And here’s the deal.  Literally, it’s a deal.  If you ORDER your awning right now and schedule your installation for one of those unseasonably-warm late-winter or early-spring days… you can save yourself a fair amount of money.

You might even save enough to add something extra, like a little gas fireplace to rest safely under the awning, which could make your deck or patio a year-round hang-out spot!

Beat Awning Manufacturers’ Annual Price Increases…

… And order your awning now, when you can still get it at this year’s lower price.

SunSetter, manufacturers of some of the world’s most popular retractable awning products, is set to enact their annual price increase in just a few days: on December 22, 2020.

KE is one of the other major makers of fine awning products.  If you want one of those beautiful new awnings, you have until January 15, 2021 to beat KE’s annual hike.

The amount of money you can save by ordering your product before these deadlines depend on exactly what great new awning you’d want.

Whether it’s a retractable awning for your patio or deck, or a sunshade for the side of your house, all the way up to a fully-enclosable outdoor “room,” these fine manufacturers offer such a wide array of products you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for.

“Extras” are available for many of these awning products, too, from embedded and dimmable LED lights to weather-sensing equipment that can close your awning automatically when Mother Nature kicks up a potentially damaging Colorado breeze.

Order today, and you can save money on any or all of these great products.

… And Schedule Your Project Now To Maximize YOUR Convenience

We get calls all the time asking how soon we can get an expert installation crew out to put in a new awning.

Call us in the summertime, when we (and every other awning company) are in the middle of the busiest season for awning installations, and you’re likely to get an answer you don’t love.

(At the Best Awning Company, we work hard to accommodate our customers’ needs every day of the year… but that’s more of a challenge during our busiest times.)

On the other hand, give us a call TODAY, and not only will you beat the manufacturers’ price increases… you’ll probably have your pick of installation schedules once the weather warms up.

We’d love to help you plan now for a great awning next year… either for yourself or as a holiday gift for someone else.  (Wouldn’t your folks absolutely LOVE a new awning at their place?)

Add it all up, and now’s the time to order your new awning and schedule your installation.  You can add beauty and comfort to your outdoor living space and save a significant amount on your utility bills… and, call us today, and you can get it all for this year’s lower prices.  And businesses: talk to your tax planner… would you save even more on your tax bill by putting such a capital expenditure on this year’s calendar, though the installation can wait until 2021? 

Happy Holidays from your friends at Best Awning Company!

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