Need More Living Space? Enclose A Patio Or Deck

“Add A Room” To Your Home Without Knocking Down Any Walls

Metal Awning

Now that the weather’s heating up for the season, it’s not uncommon for homeowners and their families to think about spending more time outside.

Morning coffee on the deck… barbecue meals at the patio table… afternoons at the pool… evening wine-sipping in the gazebo or under the pergola… you just can’t beat the many wonderful outdoor living options presented by our fantastic Colorado environment.

Of course, sometimes the sun blazes too hot to let the kids hang out at the pool for very long.  When the wind kicks up, it’s harder to enjoy an outdoor meal or beverage. And “isolated thunderstorms” are far from a freak occurrence in the Colorado Front Range region.

When the local weather cuts the outdoor party short, it can be a real disappointment to everyone to have to move things back into the house.  You lose that feeling of freedom and relaxation that only outdoor living can bring you.

The same living room that felt fine during January’s snow storms can start to feel noisy and crowded… we get used to all that extra space, and it’s often hard to pull life back indoors.

That’s why many of your Front Range neighbors are discovering how they can add much of that space back to the home – without an expensive remodeling project – by installing a beautiful new (and fully retractable!) outdoor enclosure.

Enclose a patio or deck, and it’s like you’ve added an extra room to your home… and no walls or sliding glass doors need to be harmed in the process!

Room To Breathe… Fully Protected

Today’s innovative retractable-awning technology can help you bring more usability to your outdoor living space.

No matter what the Colorado climate throws at you, you can keep things enjoyable outside with an awning enclosure.  When the weather’s fine, open things up and let the fresh breezes in. But when things get wet and blustery (or overly sunny), the push of a button (and maybe the quick use of a zippered wall or two) provides the protection you need until the storm passes.

With a properly-installed outdoor enclosure, you can make sure the kids don’t suffer sunburn or eye damage from the sun’s harsh rays.  You can keep your nice outdoor decorations from blowing over and breaking. And you can keep everything from food to furniture high-and-dry when the clouds open up!

With expert advice from a professional awning consultant, you can design exactly the right outdoor enclosure system to add back that space and make sure you can enjoy the great outdoors all year long.

The feeling of freedom you get during a Colorado summer is unparalleled.  With a great outdoor enclosure of your deck or patio, you can extend that freedom by making your outdoor space enjoyable no matter what the climate dishes out.  And with the innovative technology available today, your options are almost limitless. Check it out… learn how you can enjoy every bit of your Front Range property, every day.

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Although we are still in the winter season, NOW is the time to start thinking about your spring and summer comfort on your patio or deck! Tyler and his crew at Best Awning Company can take care of those hot summer days and install a retractable awning. It is amazing at how it blocks out the sun and makes the temperature so much lower and comfortable. Dont go another summer not using your patio and/or deck because it gets too hot…call Best Awning Company so you are ready to enjoy those beautiful bright, sunny Colorado days and evenings!

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