Football Season? Yes, It’s Right Around The Corner

…And You Can Enjoy It Without Going To The Stadium In 2020

Football Season? Yes, It’s Right Around The Corner

I don’t have a crystal ball… not really… but I can predict what you’re going to be doing in a few weeks.

You’ll be watching sports.

You’ll be in front of the television, enjoying the end of the shortened baseball season, and the beginning of the season all of Denver and Colorado looks forward to every year – football.

And you’ll be watching from home!

In fact, we’re all expecting to be enjoying the fall sports season from home this year… or from a cautiously-reopened and thoroughly-disinfected sports bar or restaurant.

Which, of course, reminds me of an important topic that’s never all that far from my mind.

Getting a beautiful new awning!

You’ll Want To Host Some Football Watching Parties…

It’s a fact: we’re all going to be watching sports from home a LOT this autumn.

So what does that have to do with your beautiful new awning?

Well, since outings to the stadium are, well, OUT this year… you’ll be wanting to have some folks over to watch the game, and to enjoy a barbecue in your outdoor living space.

And THAT means you’re going to need a beautiful new retractable awning!

With the unbelievable array of styles, colors, and types of awnings you can choose from these days, you’re sure to find something that will make your deck or patio the envy of the neighborhood… and of your personal sports fan club.

The game, and the party, won’t be called on account of a little rain when the festivities are safely sheltered under your new awning.

And even darkness won’t cancel the party!  Add great new LED lights to your awning, and night games are back ON.

This is the busy season in the awning business… but call now, and we can provide a safe estimate (even a remote estimate featuring photos and measurements you can take yourself, in some cases)… and you can have your new awning installed before the season is half over.

At the Best Awning Company, we employ professional full-time installation crews.  We don’t use jack-of-all-trades subcontractors who won’t know as much about awning installations as we’ve learned in more than FORTY years in the business.

And because we’re beloved by the top manufacturers, we can get you virtually any awning product available on the market today… and get you an excellent, high-value price as well.

… And The Best Sports Bars Will Also Have Outdoor Dining This Season

This fall is going to be different, that’s for sure.

But some things will be the same as they always are, including the fact that the best, most frequented sports bars and restaurants will be rolling out the red carpet for you during football season.

And they’ll be rolling out the awning, too, to protect you from the elements while you watch the game!

One great way to provide the safest possible dining experience is to provide OUTDOOR dining areas… which means restaurants and taverns all along the Colorado Front Range are adding top-flight awnings, to make the most of their available outdoor space.

So call for an estimate for a new awning for your deck or patio at home… but also refer your favorite local watering hole to the Best Awning Company, to see if a great new awning makes sense for their outdoor dining space.

A new awning adds great value to your property. From the money you save on utilities (your awning will keep the sun and weather off your windows and sliding-glass doors), to the increase in your property value, the investment you make in your retractable awning is both enjoyable and smart. It’s a home run… or a touchdown… or both!

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We had been experiencing overheating in our greenhouse with wilting plants and the upholstery on the furniture was fading. Best Awning installed an awning inside the greenhouse and that has made an tremendous difference. During the summer months we have the cooling benefit of the shade from the awning and during the winter months we can wind the awning back to take advantage of the solar hear. The installation went very fast according to plan. We are extremely satisfied with both the awning and the installers.

Henry F. Conifer, CO

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