Holidays Are Coming… In Spite Of It All

… And Outdoor Parties Are Not Out Of The Question

Holidays Are Coming… In Spite Of It All

Yes, it’s true… the holidays are coming, right around the corner… no matter what else happens on your block, in your town, or in your general jurisdiction.

Here at the Best Awning Company, we don’t want to be the last to wish you a festive season of joy and good cheer.  And while we probably won’t be the first, well, here’s our shot at putting a happy holiday smile on your face – in spite of it all.

A Visit From Awning Claus… And Farewell To The Weather Grinch

‘Twas the night before Sunday, and out on the deck,
We’d planned a nice party, but it was a wreck!
The lights were all hung on the railing with care,
But the snow made it look like they weren’t even there.

We could’ve had dinner – it wasn’t that cold – 
But the paint was all peeling and wood lookin’ old.
We thought about cocktails, some laughs, and some thrills,
But we ran out of cash: dang utility bills!

Without the protection an awning affords,
Our deck wasn’t great for our holiday hoards.
We could party indoors, I guess, in a pinch,
But one thing was clear: We’d been had by The Grinch!

Yes, the Weather Grinch got us, of that we were certain,
And now every part of our season was hurtin.’
If only we’d planned for our party’s protection,
We wouldn’t have needed last-minute corrections.

We’d just given up, and were moving indoors,
When suddenly hope caused our spirits to soar!
Yes, out on the deck there arose such a clamour,
We dashed out to see (but forgot our dang camer’).

What to our wondering eyes did appear,
But a beautiful awning with retractable gear!

A great HO HO HO rose up into the night,
And we knew it was Awning Claus, putting things right.

“This awning will keep the Grinch guessing,” he said,
“And he’ll have to go pick on your neighbors instead.
Your wood will last longer; less money’ll be spent,
As your energy bills drop by twenty percent!”

“On average!”

We knew in an instant the party was ON,
And we moved all the guests from out there on the lawn.
(Well, some of them thought it was too warm inside,
We try not to judge.  So they were not denied.)

It may not be magic, but awnings can aid
In property value (not to mention the shade)
And you really can give your home added protection
With Best Awning Company’s giant selection.

So Awning Claus gave us a wink and a grin,
And went to enclose restaurant customers in.
But we heard him exclaim, as he quickly retracted,
“Happy Holidays! Get your outdoors protected!”

The very best of the season from your friends at Best Awning Company. We really can help you create long-lasting beauty and energy savings at YOUR property… and we’ll always be ready to help you defeat the Weather Grinch. And we want to thank you for making us your first choice in outdoor living enhancement… for more than four decades. Cheers!

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Best Awning installed an awning on my back patio last summer. We had just moved into our home and really could not enjoy sitting on the deck when the sun was out. I started a search for an economical way to fix the problem and found this company. It was so much less expensive than building a patio cover. From the very start they were professional, timely and very helpful and informative with the entire process. Now it is so nice to be able to sit outside in the heat of the summer and be comfortable. It was like we added another room on to the house! I highly recommend working with this company.

Jenni Conifer, CO

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