Now’s The Time To Order Your Cool New Awning!

… And Here Are Seven Or Eight Great Reasons

Denver Retractable Awning

I know it’s January, and Baby, it’s pretty cold outside… so the thought of a party or family get-together out there on the deck or patio might not be floating around at the very top of your mind.

But it should be.

Why? Well, I’m not saying you should order your beautiful new retractable awning and schedule an expert installation right now for later in the year, but… wait. Oh yeah. Actually, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

There are several good reasons you should do this. I can personally think of 17 excellent reasons, but it might be better to list just the top seven or eight… otherwise, you could be reading this scintillating article until March, which we want to avoid (see Reason A, below).

Now, I can practically read your mind:

The last thing I need is to read Tyler’s list of seven or eight excellent reasons I should order my new awning and schedule a professional installation NOW, even though I don’t plan on installing or using the awning until the weather warms up.

So, without further delay, here the last thing you need!

The Top 7-8 Reasons You Should POUNCE On Getting A New Awning

  • Reason A: Well, for one thing, you want to get the best possible awning at the lowest possible  price. And since KE, one of the main manufacturers of these “best possible” awnings, always raises their prices on March 1, well, you do the math. The math says you have no more than 49 days, and possibly as few as zero days, to get your awning ordered at 2020 prices. (I have no idea when you’re going to get around to reading this, so a more precise mathematical finding is not possible.)
  • Reason 2: Also, while you’re doing the math, you might want to factor installation scheduling into the equation. See, one of the reasons KE raises prices on March 1 (See Reason A, above) is that they have been in business long enough to know that MOST people start ordering beautiful new awnings when the weather warms up. In fact, they know there’ll be an avalanche of orders at that time (once it’s warm enough that actual avalanches are not as big a threat). So you can probably imagine (or even calculate) how busy professional awning installers will be come springtime, when this avalanche of awnings need to be installed.
  • Reason D: Right now, the product selection and installation schedule is WIDE OPEN for you. Wait another 0-49 days, though, and things will be tougher. Not that we here at the Best Awning Company won’t do everything humanly possible to get your awning delivered and installed at your convenience – no matter WHEN you call – but we’re limited by certain laws of physics and mathematical axioms which make it difficult, if not impossible, to do things like be in more than one place at the same time or make an awning appear out of thin air. We’ll still try, though,
    because that’s the kind of love we have for our customers (like you).
  • And, finally, Reason 7 or 8: The sooner you have your awning installed, the more time you’ll have to enjoy it in 2021! At 2020 prices, possibly! If you’ve lived in the Denver or Front Range area more than about 27 minutes, you probably know that we often have amazingly warm weather
    (between blizzards) every month of the year. Even January. How cool would it be to have a little picnic out there on the deck on Valentine’s Day? *

    • Reason 11(b): And if it’s TOO cool, we can get you an awning under which you can place one of those nifty gas fireplaces – you know, with the shiny rocks and the flames and like that – which can warm an awning-covered deck or patio surprisingly well!

So, after all those compelling reasons, I’m sure you’ll want to give us a call and take advantage of our FREE estimate on what it would take to make your outdoor living space the envy of everyone from your favorite neighbors to your least-favorite co-workers.

Everyone says “now is the time” to take advantage of some offer or opportunity… so the last thing you need is to hear that again. So here goes: Now is definitely the time to order your new awning and get on the installation schedule. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

(*) Note: Timing might already be a bit tight to get your awning delivered and installed by Valentine’s Day. But who knows? It’s still worth a call. Especially if you’re reading this closer to 49 days until KE’s price increase, as opposed to zero.

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Although we are still in the winter season, NOW is the time to start thinking about your spring and summer comfort on your patio or deck! Tyler and his crew at Best Awning Company can take care of those hot summer days and install a retractable awning. It is amazing at how it blocks out the sun and makes the temperature so much lower and comfortable. Dont go another summer not using your patio and/or deck because it gets too hot…call Best Awning Company so you are ready to enjoy those beautiful bright, sunny Colorado days and evenings!

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