Ralph And Ted’s Ridiculous Misadventure

… “Cheaping Out” On Awning Installation Can Cost You Big Money


You know that horrible, disastrous home “improvement” project that you saw being cleaned up at your neighbor’s place the other day?  Not to “spill the beans (see below),” but here’s what happened:

Your neighbor – I’ll call him “Ted” to protect his real name, which is Mark – is kinda cheap.  He was totally envious of the beautiful awning you had professionally installed by the experts at Best Awning Company, and he wanted his own awning, but he thought he could save a few bucks by getting a “bargain.”

So Mar – uh, that is, Ted – went to a big box store and bought the cheapest “retractable” awning they had.  In fact, he went with the display model, which had been fondled and drooled on by about 1,242 customers before they disassembled it and put it in the back of Ted’s pickup.

It’s possible one or two of the little bits of hardware fell out on C-470 as he drove the awning home, but Ted figured that wasn’t a big deal.  Also, who knows if the floor model actually HAD all its original pieces?

Ted’s brother-in-law, Ralph, is a home improvement expert.  That’s what everybody in the family says.  So Ted got Ralph to help him “put up” his new awning.

Long story short, the mess you saw was the result of the cheap awning actually falling off the roof, taking a number of shingles and shards of soffit with it.  (Try to say “shingles and shards of soffit” ten times, really fast).

Yes, right in the middle of Ted’s family Fourth of July picnic, the awning came a-tumbling down, ruining the roof and gutter, not to mention Aunt Gertrude’s pretty new pastel party dress when it tossed a full bowl of baked beans right into her capacious lap.

Once the roof and gutters are fixed, and Auntie’s dress is replaced, and the beans are power-washed off the deck, and the fragments of “awning” are hauled away… Ted will have spent about four times as much as he would’ve spent if he’d had the job done right by Best Awning Company from the get-go.

And Ted still won’t have an awning.

Cutting Corners Costs Considerable Coin

(Try to say THAT, ten times, really fast.)

I’m not saying Ted was a bozo for trying to save money the way he did, I’m just saying… wait.  No, I am actually saying that.  Ted WAS a bozo.

If you want the best awning installation, you have to go with the Best Awning Company.

Not only can we get you the perfect awning for your property, from our vast selection of styles, colors, and fabrics… in more than four decades in the business, we’ve installed FAR more awnings than Ralph, or any other brother-in-law out there, no matter how much adoration they get from their wives and mothers.

To make sure bad installations don’t happen, and beans aren’t spilled nor shingles splintered, we never use sub-contractors (Ralph or otherwise).  All of our installers are expert professionals, and they’re valued employees who know our reputation is on the line with every installation.

We do crazy things Ralph would consider overkill, such as using a thick coat of sealant wherever it’s  needed, and bolting the awning frame directly into the rafters or studs.  Because of this zaniness on our part, not ONE roof has leaked as a result of our awning installations (let alone fallen off the house).

And that’s over more than 40 years of installations.

It was true when your Uncle Merle said it in 1984, and it’s still true today: You can’t save money by cutting corners.  Do the job right, the first time, and you always save money over time.  So follow Merle’s advice and give the expert awning installers at Best Awning Company a call.  We can’t wait to earn our next great five-star online review from you!

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It was such an easy experience working with Best Awning Company. They researched the solution and were quick to act to get it fixed. Thank you so much for making it a painless experience to get my awning fixed, just in time to enjoy the sunshine!

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