Thinking Outside The Store Box

Expand Your Business With Comfortable Outdoor Selling Space

Expand Business

Retail shopping space is costly.  Retailers generally pay more per square foot of space than they’d like… and they have to maximize their revenue from every square foot of sales floor.

Think of the money spent on attractive point-of-sale displays… merchandising strategies to optimize product shelf space… even window displays that are carefully thought-out and designed (sometimes at great expense) to entice customers into the store or shop.

Most retailers will tell you the money they spend on these things is money well spent.

These days, an exciting new trend in retail is the notion of expanding the store without taking down a single wall or paying a remodeling contractor – adding an “outdoor sales floor” outside the building (typically on the “front porch”), in space the merchant is paying for anyway.

And with the amazing variety of awning-related products available today, retailers who work with a qualified, professional awning installation company can often realize explosive growth to their selling space, their sales, and their bottom line… almost overnight.

Far faster than with an expansion of the brick-and-mortar assets!

Outdoor Sales: Not Just For “Outdoor Products” Any More

You’ve seen this trend in profitable action already.

You stop by a gas station/convenience store to fill your tank, and there at the gas pump island you’re likely to find at least ads for the goodies you can pick up inside the store… and, often, there’s a display of merchandise located right there.

Grocery stores and convenience stores alike sell everything from flowers to gardening supplies on their “front porches.”

And, of course, every type of merchant from a hardware store to a big-box home improvement operation uses its outdoor space to sell outdoor products: patio furniture, barbecue grills, even back-yard sheds.

Increasingly, a store’s outdoor space serves multiple functions: it opens up indoor floor space no longer needed for bulky displays, it offers a sales floor for seasonal items like firewood and snow shovels… and it provides another opportunity to create an attractive, enticing, inviting appearance that draws customers (and their wallets) to the merchant.

The Options For Creating Outdoor Selling Space Are Nearly Limitless

In many cases, a simple, attractive awning will quickly create an outdoor sales floor you can be proud of.

Make it a motorized, retractable awning… available in virtually any color combination, and printable for your store’s sign or logo – and you’ve got expanded selling space when you need it (and a cover the weather can’t damage when the store’s closed).

Retractable awnings can be designed and created in just about any size or shape… whatever fits your store’s needs.

And, if you add zippered side-walls or sun shades, you might nearly double the number of days each year when you can use your outdoor sales floor!

All for a greatly reduced investment of time or money (or management resources) compared with a store remodeling project.

You can really open up your store’s revenue potential with outdoor selling space.  Get in touch with your local awning professionals today… don’t be the last store on your block (or the last competitor in your market) to take advantage of smart use of your outdoor space!  Beat your competitors to the punch, in fact, and maybe you’ll leave them out in the cold.

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