Cover Your Restaurant Patio With A Beautiful New Awning

Today’s Best Awning Products Are The Perfect Winter Solution

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Got a restaurant, coffee shop, or other serviced business that could use more revenue?

Having more seating available for customers is the fastest way to grow your service business’s bottom line.  More seating means more tickets, of course, and that means more cash flow.

But who’s got the time, the capital… or even the space… to tear down walls and expand the dining room?

Many of your fellow Denver and Colorado business owners have discovered the wisdom of expanding their customer seating without an expensive remodel.

With the great selection of amazing new awning products available on today’s market, you can add seating by enclosing your outdoor patio, deck, or “sidewalk café” area.

And with the calculator I use for businesses contemplating such an expansion, I can show you how soon your new awning will pay for itself in increased revenue and profit to your business.

You’ll likely be surprised at the return on the investment you’d make in a commercial awning product.

Don’t Wait For Summer – Now’s The Time To Grow Your Business…

We can have a beautiful awning or enclosure installed in time to maximize your revenue during the busy holiday season!

Sure, many service establishments think of expanding outdoors during the warm months… and that’s certainly a great idea to take advantage of the wonderful Colorado climate.  People love dining and having coffee on a nicely-covered patio or deck during the warm seasons of the year.

But you might be amazed at the products available in today’s awning market – products that will keep your patrons warm and dry, and away from Old Man Winter’s chill, while they enjoy the treats your business offers up.

From retractable awnings for use during those warmer winter days (we get a surprising number of those, don’t we?), to full enclosures that could offer expanded seating through all but the very worst winter storms, you owe it to your business to check out what’s out there.

… And Save Money, Too!

When your fellow entrepreneurs made the investment to cover their outdoor seating areas during the warmer months, they discovered that there were great benefits beyond the enhanced revenue the additional seating area brings in.

Their new awnings and enclosures actually reduced their costs, too.

It makes sense: an outdoor seating area, protected from the elements, actually lowers the summertime temperature by as much as twenty degrees in the newly-covered area.  That means it keeps the adjacent indoor area cooler, asks less of the air conditioning system, and reduces the summer utility bills.

But what many don’t realize is that the same cost-saving benefit is realized in the cold months, too!

Your new outdoor enclosure will obviously keep things balmier for guests who want to eat outside… but it will also reduce your heating bills for the adjacent indoor space!

Even if your outdoor space isn’t fully utilized, the resulting saving in utility costs means it makes great sense to warm things up right outside the door.

And your new awning or enclosure will pay for itself even faster.

And the latest awning products are attractive, too… they’ll invite more customers to patronize your establishment.

These days, whose business doesn’t need a competitive edge?  You can get that edge for your business by covering or enclosing more outdoor customer space.  Give me a call, and let me show you what your savvy fellow business owners have discovered… and what your next-door competitor doesn’t know… about the smart economics of wintertime outdoor seating enclosures.  Happy Holidays… and a prosperous new year!

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We had been experiencing overheating in our greenhouse with wilting plants and the upholstery on the furniture was fading. Best Awning installed an awning inside the greenhouse and that has made an tremendous difference. During the summer months we have the cooling benefit of the shade from the awning and during the winter months we can wind the awning back to take advantage of the solar hear. The installation went very fast according to plan. We are extremely satisfied with both the awning and the installers.

Henry F. Conifer, CO

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