Introducing SPACE and SPACE WALL…

…”Hot” New Awning Products To Keep Your Summer Cool

As a seasoned awning professional, even I am constantly amazed by the variety of new awning products being developed (and perfected) by the industry’s top manufacturers, such as KE Durasol.

“What’ll they think of next?”

One of the most exciting new developments in the awning industry is the new line of SPACE and SPACE WALL products.

These awning systems are “hot” these days… and nothing beats SPACE and SPACE WALL for keeping your summertime outdoor living cool!

If you’re a homeowner who’s often thought you couldn’t really use a retractable awning due to certain dimensional constraints on your property, take a look at the flexibility you’d get with SPACE.

And if you run a restaurant or tavern business, you know there’s nothing like outdoor dining here in beautiful Colorado… and SPACE WALL might be just the ticket for adding extra seating (and bringing in extra revenue).

SPACE: Great For A Variety Of Outdoor Areas

Verandas… pergolas… even balconies featured in high-rise apartments… SPACE awning systems can bring beauty, comfort, and energy-saving value to formerly-hard-to-reach places.

In the past, an outdoor space had to be a certain width in order to “qualify” for a retractable awning… but SPACE can be customized to just about any width, and still roll out up to twenty-three feet!

The system can be installed fully-retractable, and with a variety of stylish fabric choices sure to fit any taste in outdoor décor.  What’s more, SPACE is engineered to roll-out the fabric with perfect smoothness, adding to the sharp look and eliminating unsightly wrinkles.

I suppose you could add bells and whistles… but more practically, SPACE can be installed with LED lighting strips to extend the outdoor fun into the evening.  And high-tech weather sensors can help protect your awning by automatically retracting it when the wind kicks up (and extending it when things heat up).

SPACE WALL: The Perfect Solution For Many Homes And Businesses

Restaurant businesses are finding SPACE WALL a perfect solution for delighting their customers with comfortable outdoor dining… and for making room for more delighted customers, thereby dramatically increasing their revenue.

SPACE WALL is a great “middle ground” solution between a simple retractable awning and a full-blown enclosure.

The system includes permanent installation of two or three pillars, connected to the wall by sloping guide rails down which the awning fabric rolls out straight and crease-free for an attractive, stylish look.

Like SPACE, the system can include LED lighting strips and automatic weather sensors, to protect the fabric from high winds (and to roll out automatically when the sun heats up).

But another added benefit of SPACE WALL is its front rail (where the fabric rolls out to join the front pillars)… it doubles as a rain gutter!  Water rolls down the fabric, into the front rail, and then out the sides of the space, eliminating that “curtain of water” through which your guests and staff might otherwise have to pass.

And our expert awning consultants can use our revenue calculator to tell you how much extra revenue your establishment will gain from the expanded seating – what your return on investment will be, and how soon your SPACE or SPACE WALL system will pay for itself.  (It’ll be sooner than you think!)

SPACE and SPACE WALL are some of the hottest awning systems available today… and they might be just the solution you’re looking for to keep things cool this summer!


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