Restaurant Businesses: Heroes Of Our Economy

… And Smart Ones Know How To Score When Odds Are Long

Restaurant Businesses Heroes Of Our Economy

If you own or manage a restaurant or bar-and-grill, and you’ve survived the corona virus pandemic with all its shut-downs, and with all the resultant (let’s be frank) severe revenue limitations that have been placed on your business, you’re to be seriously congratulated.

So… seriously… congratulations.

Some experts have recently estimated that as many as two-thirds of restaurant businesses who advertise for customer reviews on one of the leading sites may be going out of business… permanently… as a result of the pandemic, shut-downs, and “social distancing” requirements.

You simply can’t make as much revenue when you can’t seat as many patrons… and, of course, if your business is shut down, you can’t make any revenue at all.

But if your business has survived what has been a tragic death-blow to so many of your colleagues, it’s probably because you’re good at what you do.

In all likelihood, very good.

Maybe that’s why so many true business warriors and survivors like you are cleverly expanding their customer seating – and their revenue potential – by developing attractive, effective outdoor dining areas unlike any they’ve offered before.

And that’s where your friends at The Best Awning Company can help.

Your Place’s New Outdoor Dining Room: An Investment That Pays…

There are so many options offered by the awning industry today – styles, colors, configurations, you name it – that we can help you design and create whatever outdoor dining space makes the most sense for your location.

Fully-retractable awnings with weather-sensing technology that can protect the awning when the weather gets severe… sun shades… embedded LED lights… even fully-enclosed zippered-wall rooms which can be opened fully or partially when the weather’s nice.

We sell and install all of these great solutions, and our preferred relationships with the leading dealers will likely allow us to offer you the overall-best value in terms of price, availability, lead-time, and professional installation.

We’ve seen restaurants and tavern businesses dramatically increase their dining space… some as much as doubling their indoor space… and dramatically increase their revenue potential, too!

… And It Will Pay Off Far Sooner Than You Might Imagine

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that “blown-away” look on a restaurant owner’s face when we walk them through our Return-On-Investment (ROI) Calculator… and when they see how quickly their outdoor dining awning brings in enough revenue to pay for itself.

These days, that extra dining space might well make the difference between closure and survival!

And here’s more good news: with today’s best awning products, you can extend the use of your outdoor dining space well into the cooler autumn months… and open it up much earlier as winter turns to spring in the Rocky Mountain west.

Get in touch right away, and we can have your outdoor dining awning installed (and your revenue potential dramatically increased) before the football season is even half over!

In fact, we can offer financing for our commercial clients… so we could get your system professionally installed, and you could have your patio opened or expanded, before your first payment would be due.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re likely one of the really great restaurant owners.  You’re smart.  You’re creative.  And you’re likely to be very impressed with the way a new awning and outdoor dining space can lock in top profits for years to come.  Give us a call!  We’ll literally have you “covered.”

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