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When business heats up for your restaurant, coffee shop, or diner… when the kitchen, wait staff, managers, everybody is busy… when every seat in your dining room is occupied, and your host staff is working through a waiting list… that’s a wonderful sign that you’re doing things right.

But in many cases, it’s also a sign of lost opportunity.

Maybe you have some outdoor space you could work with.  Maybe your patrons would love to sit outside and enjoy the great Rocky Mountain scenery while sampling your chef’s special offerings.

You’d probably agree: many would prefer a wonderful outdoor dining experience to a lengthy stay on the waiting list!

But without the right outdoor comfort system covering your patio or “sidewalk café,” a little passing cloudburst, a stiff breeze, or blazing hot sunshine can call an end to the party outside, drive everyone back indoors, and steal your chance at extra revenue.

You’re right back where you started.  And so is the host staff, hauling out the waiting-list clipboard and clicking the pen.

“We Tried That.  It Didn’t Work.”

Maybe you’ve tried outdoor dining before, but with uneven (or even unpleasant) results.

Some restauranteurs seem to think “How hard can it be?” as they toss a few high-top tables out into the hastily-configured dining patio.  

A few customer complaints later, they might “invest” in a few cheap table umbrellas which, aside from lacking durability and dependability, don’t really provide their patrons much protection from the elements and, ultimately, don’t stop the complaints.

Any restaurant owner knows that complaints, especially a pattern of complaints over time, often sound the death knell for a business that depends on repeat traffic and word-of-mouth marketing.

But there’s that wait list… and the grumpy-looking customers whose names are on it… and who knows how many people dropped by to ask the host how long a wait to expect, and decided to take their appetites (and their credit cards) elsewhere?

Who knows how many people drove or walked by, saw the line out the door, and took a pass?

Seize The Opportunity To Grow Your Business… Do Outdoor Dining Right

Lost customers… lost business… lost profit.  That’s a problem for any business… but in the restaurant business, it can be a BIG problem.

Your expert awning professional can help you solve this problem… and help you capture a huge opportunity to grow your bottom line by expanding your business right out the door.

From large-scale retractable awnings, to state-of-the-art solar shades, to locking zip-panels… to complete enclosed outdoor dining rooms… the best awning experts know there’s a solution for every restaurant’s situation (and budget).

Without a doubt, the decision to grow your business outside is a big one.  It’s an investment.

But you may well be surprised at the instant (and significant) return that investment brings in.  An expert in outdoor comfort products (awnings, pergolas, sun shades, and the like) can often take advantage of a “break even calculator,” specifically designed for your industry.

Your awning pro can plug in a few numbers from your business, and give you a strong, clear, compelling case for justifying the investment in expanded and enhanced outdoor dining.

Many restaurant owners are pleasantly surprised (some even shocked) at the speed with which these awning products pay for themselves through added business and revenue… often, just a few months later, the investment has returned its cost, and new profit is being generated that wasn’t there before.

And something’s gone that used to be a fixture.

The waiting list.

What are you waiting for?  Your customers… especially the ones who can’t find seats in your dining room… are waiting for a stylish, comfortable, memorable outdoor dining experience.  And with the right outdoor comfort system, you can serve that experience right up.

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