Patio Dining: A Great Way To Beat Your Competition

…But The Time To Increase Your Restaurant Revenue Is NOW

Patio Dining: A Great Way To Beat Your Competition

If you’re in the restaurant or diner/tavern business, you know that repeat business, word-of-mouth, and great online reviews are essential to your establishment’s survival.

Even a handful of poor online reviews can drive crowds of customers away. Customers who have unpleasant experiences do tend to warn their friends away from enduring the same bad time.

And as spring approaches, and the weather starts to warm, you know many customers are looking for a pleasant outdoor dining experience.

One of the great things about living in the Denver area is the opportunity to enjoy what The Denver Post has called “The Climate Capital Of The World.” Our weather. Our sweet mountainside air. Our fantastic scenery.

It’s what has attracted so many people to relocate to the Denver area. They want to hike, golf, bike, climb, and kayak… and afterwards, they’d love to continue enjoying the outdoors over delicious food and refreshing drinks.

And if your chief competitor can provide them with the opportunity to do that – and you can’t – you’re at a disadvantage.

You may have been considering how you can offer great outdoor dining to your customers… and if this is the summer you blow the lid off your restaurant’s revenue and profits by expanding outside, you’re already a bit on the late side to get it done in time to take full advantage of the season.

Call the experts at Best Awning Company today, though, and “we’ll get you covered.”

Not All Outdoor Dining Is The Same

As with most things in the restaurant business, there are “right” ways to do outdoor dining, and many mistakes that can be made, too.

Tossing a few high-top tables onto your patio is only a very rough start to providing a great outdoor dining experience.

Some establishments decide to go with cheap table umbrellas (which really aren’t that cheap). They usually regret that move, since most umbrellas don’t really provide the durability and protection for their patrons that would make for a good experience.

And then? Here come those unsavory online reviews!

If your competitor is putting a toe in the water by going the table-umbrella route, you can whip them soundly by creating a truly enjoyable outdoor experience for your customers with one of the many amazing awning products available on the market today.

From large-scale retractable awnings, to state-of-the-art solar shades, to locking zip-panels… to complete enclosed outdoor dining rooms… the awning experts at Best Awning Company know there’s a solution for every restaurant’s situation (and budget)… and they can help you find what’s right for your place.

For The Best Return, Make The Best Investment

Don’t buy an awning product for your outdoor dining space until you’ve had a professional help you run the numbers to determine the return on your investment.

When you expand your restaurant’s available seating area, you’re going to dramatically increase your revenue during the peak busy times (and throughout the busy season).  But how soon will that added revenue pay back the awning investment?

Not as long as you might think.

In fact, once we take a restauranteur through the numbers with our break-even calculator, the odds are better than even that they’ll be pleasantly surprised (sometimes even shocked!) at how soon the investment pays for itself.

Often, it’s just a few months before the awning has paid for itself in increased revenue… after that, it’s pure profit.

Your competition is heating up… don’t get left out in the cold. Call the experts at Best Awning Company today, while there’s still time to take advantage of the tremendous opportunity your restaurant has in creating a great outdoor dining experience for your customers.

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