Is Your Outdoor Living Space Ready For Summer?

… Best Awning Company Can Help Keep Your Awning NICE

Is Your Outdoor Living Space Ready For Summer?

With the warm summer months right around the corner (really… trust me), you want your awning looking and working great.  So now’s a good time to take a look at your awning (shovel the snow off the deck or patio first, if you need to), and assess its OSR (Overall Season Readiness).

As you examine your awning, start by determining which of these basic conditions best describes it:

  1. Your awning is looking and working great.
  2. Your awning needs some TLC to reach maximum OSR.
  3. You don’t have an awning.

If you’ve determined your awning is in Condition One, congratulations.  You were probably one of the smart property owners who recently had a beautiful new awning installed by Best Awning Company (possibly even as recently as the past few months, which was extremely clever of you).

In the case of Condition Three, place an urgent call to your friendly neighborhood awning company (I can give you the number), and begin the journey which will make all your dreams come true.

(This assumes, logically, that saving money on your utility bills, being the envy of the neighborhood, increasing your property value, and getting more enjoyment out of your outdoor living space is an exhaustive list of your dreams.  Like it is for most people.)

But it’s Condition Two – that all-important maintenance of your awning – that we’re here to talk (talk?) about today.

Awnings Don’t Care For Themselves

Well, some almost do.  Today’s amazing awning products are designed to do a surprising amount of their own “maintenance.”  One example is the inclusion on some models of weather sensors that can detect when the wind kicks up… but you’ve gone to lunch, left the awning open, and weren’t around to close it. 

So it closes itself!

There’s no truth to the rumor that those sensors can detect exactly what you had for lunch, or the relative level of rudeness of the waiter.  But they can help your awning protect itself from the worst wind-caused damage.

However, even the most self-protecting awnings need a little TLC to perform their best for you.  (This doesn’t mean they’ll learn to juggle or ride a unicycle.)

Check your owner’s manual, and you’ll see that there are parts of your awning that need lubricating every now and then.  Not only that, the thing could use a nice bath, too!

Your awning should be thoroughly and professionally cleaned on a regular schedule.  So if you aren’t a professional awning cleaner (if you are, give me a call!), you should let the pros at Best Awning Company do the job for you (again, give me a call!).

We might throw in all that oiling and stuff, too.

And Sometimes, Things Break

Let’s examine your Condition Two awning a bit more closely, and determine which of these sub-conditions exist:

2.a. The thing is just a bit dirty.

2.b. Something’s busted or ripped.

The previous section on “regularly scheduled care” addresses Condition Two (A).  For Condition Two (B), though, you might need what we awning professionals refer to as “Awning Repair.”

If your examination reveals torn, stained, or sun-faded fabric… dents or holes in metal canopies… damage to the awning frame… problems with the motorized retracting mechanism… loose or missing hardware or connections… or other jacked-up stuff… in most cases, we can fix your awning.

Believe it or not, we often run into these kinds of problems with newer awnings that were poorly installed from the outset!  (Certainly not by us, of course.)  We fix them (if we can), re-do the installation (if we need to), and carry on with our own company policy of NOT doing crummy installation work ourselves.

Whatever your awning’s Condition, your friends at Best Awning Company are here to help.  Like you, we want your awning looking and working GREAT, because our business relies on word-of-mouth and your satisfaction is our most effective advertisement.  And that’s no joke.

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They were fantastic and so efficient! They are super responsive and were a delight to work with! I spoke mostly with Teresa. She kept me updated with scheduling an awning repair for one of our customers. The turn around repair time with them was outstanding!

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