Let It Snow!

… March Snowstorms Bring Unexpected Awning Opportunities

Let It Snow

You know that old expression, “April Showers Bring May Flowers?”

That’s okay, I don’t know it either.

But what I do know is that, while the best possible “early bird” deals on new awnings for 2021 might have already slipped through the cracks between the boards out on the back deck… you can still get a screaming deal on a beautiful new awning in March.

Why?  Because, as you know if you’ve lived here in the Colorado Front Range area for longer than a hot minute, March in these parts can be wildly unpredictable weather-wise.

And it’s usually our snowiest month.

So customers with whom you’ll have to compete for the most convenient installation schedule are not even thinking about getting an awning to provide maximum enjoyment of their outdoor living space.

Right now, they’re busy shoveling their outdoor spaces.

April showers are one thing… but do you know what March snowstorms bring?  That’s right: awning opportunities.

Finish Shoveling, Then Call Me

Recently, expert weather prognosticators (and amateurs, too) predicted a March snowstorm could possibly dump anywhere between zero and 50 inches of snow in part or all of the Denver metro area, with a confidence factor of anywhere between “I dunno, maybe, could happen” and “We’re all gonna perish in a new Ice Age.”

With rock-salt-solid information like that at your fingertips, you can be sure that at some point during the month of March, there will be snow out there on the driveway. Sorry.

But here’s the cool (cold?) thing: While your neighbors are out there busily scooping the snow from their concrete surfaces, you can be on the phone, scooping up the prime schedule for delivery and installation of your new awning.

That’s because of two key factors.  First, you got up early and shoveled your driveway before the neighbors even woke up.  That, or you decided to just let it melt.  And second, people aren’t thinking about picnics, poolside gatherings, or patio parties while they’re shoveling snow.

This means the phone lines will be open, and operators standing by!

No Joke: The Time Is Now

Why order your awning, and schedule its installation when you’re still knee-deep in March snow? It’s simple: Once things heat up (get it?) later in the spring, everyone else will be trying to schedule their awning installation. You can choose from the amazing selection of styles, fabrics, and colors right now, but the cold fact is that it can take 30-60 days from the day you order for us to receive your snazzy new awning from the manufacturer. 

(That’s a month or two, for those of you who aren’t so hot at math.)

And by the time the snow melts for good, our installation schedule might be a lot closer to “frozen solid,” meaning your snow-scooping neighbors will have a much harder time getting the awning they want on the convenient schedule they choose.

You will have scooped them!

We’ll do our best to get your beautiful new awning installed at your convenience, and that will be true no matter when you call Best Awning Company.  But you can help us out by ordering and scheduling now, even while the flakes are flying.  And when the snow has melted and the steaks are sizzling on the grill on your beautifully protected patio or deck, you can listen to your neighbor say “Hey!  Why didn’t I think of that?”

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