KE Awnings… They’re Fantastic!… And Now’s The Time

Best Awning Company Can Order Yours Before The Rush

I’ll bet you didn’t know it… but there’s a big flood coming.

No need to panic, though. You don’t need to start building walls with sandbags… you don’t need to move all the furniture upstairs.

This isn’t the kind of impending flood that would cause you to double-check your homeowner’s insurance coverage, either (though it’s never a bad idea to keep such things up-to-date).

No, the flood I’m talking about isn’t related to the weather, or the spring run-off, or the bursting of any dam. Not a flood of water at all.

The flood that’s coming, without a doubt, is a flood of orders for new KE awnings installed by your friends at Best Awning Company.

It’s true that spring can bring heavy precipitation from the heavens.  “April showers bring May flowers,” and before that, we often get much of our annual snow in March around these parts.

But as we’ve learned after more than four decades in the awning business, spring always brings a flood of orders for new retractable awnings, for both homes and businesses (particularly restaurants, where they realize the lucrative outdoor dining season is right around the corner once spring time arrives).

That makes late winter the perfect time to get the ball rolling on a new awning for your home or business!

You Can Beat The Flood… 

… By getting your new awning project started now.

Wait until March or April, and your project will get in line behind the rest of the “flood.”

We’ll be happy to talk with you later in the spring about your new awning project… and we’ll do our level-best to get you the awning you want at the price you need, and on the schedule you prefer.

And no matter when you call us, you have our word that we’ll make sure you get the very best awning product, installed using the very best techniques in the industry.

The manufacturers we represent are the best anywhere.  That means you can rest assured that the awning you get will be the best product on the market in your price range.

And when it comes to installation, nobody cares about your project like the pros at Best Awning Company.  We don’t sub-contract your work to temporary crews who might be more interested in getting the installation completed quickly (and getting paid sooner) than in doing the highest-quality job.

At Best Awning Company, our employee crews know that our stellar reputation is on the line with every installation we do.  Don’t take our word for it… check out our many enthusiastic five-star online reviews, and you’ll see that we’ve established a reputation any company would want to protect.

And we protect that reputation by doing great work, every time, and by handling any problems that arise with absolute dedication and professionalism.

That’s the level of service you can expect from us every day of the year.

But it’s worth noting that it’s a LOT easier to get you the product, price, and schedule you prefer if you book now, before the “spring flood.”

When your neighbors (or your restaurant’s competitors) call us in April, they’ll have a trickier time getting their top-notch installation scheduled quickly… because their project will be in line behind yours, since you beat the rush by calling now!

… And You’ll Also Beat KE’s Annual Price Increase

Some of the most versatile and customizable awnings come from KE, a manufacturer whose products we’ve been proud to offer for many years.

Your deck, patio, or porch… the pergola out back… even your poolside cabana or your restaurant’s expanded “sidewalk café” area… no matter the size or shape of your outdoor space, KE makes customizable awnings in a variety of fabric and design choices, so you’re bound to find one that “works.”

Add LED lights and weather-sensing equipment, and your awning will be the envy of the neighborhood!

But you should know that KE is aware of the coming flood… and they schedule their annual price increase for March 1.

So the smart move is to get a professional on-site estimate today… get your fantastic KE awning ordered now, at 2019 prices… and get your project scheduled (even for a later date), ahead of your neighbors.

Save time… save money… and save yourself a potential “flood” of disappointment.  Most of all, you’ll be thrilled that when the warm weather arrives, you’ll have your enjoyable outdoor living space “covered.”  Literally! And that’s what makes our day. We want to earn our next great review from you.

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Best Awning installed an awning on my back patio last summer. We had just moved into our home and really could not enjoy sitting on the deck when the sun was out. I started a search for an economical way to fix the problem and found this company. It was so much less expensive than building a patio cover. From the very start they were professional, timely and very helpful and informative with the entire process. Now it is so nice to be able to sit outside in the heat of the summer and be comfortable. It was like we added another room on to the house! I highly recommend working with this company.

Jenni Conifer, CO

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