Not Sure What To Do With That Tax Refund?

… The Best Idea Might Involve The BEST New Awning You Can Get

Best Awning With Tax Refund

Hey, do you know what’s really GREAT about tax season?

Yeah, neither do I.

But one thing that’s pretty okay for some of us, I guess, is that Uncle Sam is actually sharing back, in the form of tax return checks, a little of the money he collected from us throughout last year.

(Sorry to mention last year one more time.  I absolutely promise it probably won’t happen again.)

So what could you spend your tax return on which might bring you some modicum of joy this tax season?

  • Another round of drinks?
  • The complete collected works of Bill Haley and The Comets?
  • An ’89 Dodge Dart, some rust, runs okay, needs transmission, $400 OBO?
  • Last month’s satellite TV bill?
  • Bus fare to Central City, complete with ten FREE slot spins and a beverage token?
  • All-you-can-eat fish ‘n’ chips (Tuesday nights only, drinks not included)?
  • A full-year subscription to Duck Calls and Astrological Wonders magazine?

I’m sure your imagination just runs wild with the many things you could buy with your tax return, any two of which could bring you a modicum of joy.

In fact, your tax return might be enough to get you all of the above!  While supplies last!

All This And More

But if you want to use your tax return on something that could bring you more than a modicum of joy – perhaps outdoor-living comfort, a beautiful house that will make your neighbors envious, increased property value, and significant savings on your utility bills, for instance – you might put down the magazine and give Best Awning Company a call.

There’s still time to get your gorgeous new retractable awning ordered and scheduled for expert installation before Spring arrives, bringing with it a predictable flood of new awning orders.

Know what else Spring brings?  Or at least March first?  That’s right: annual price increases on the best awning products, along with a much harder time getting your installation scheduled for just the right time.

That’s because you’ll be ordering your spiffy new awning right around the time all your neighbors are ordering theirs, whereas you could have beaten them all to the punch by investing that tax refund in your new awning today.

Best Awning Company Is… Well, Best

At Best Awning Company, we’re committed to getting you the best price on the best selection of the best awning products out there, along with the best service and the best, most expert awning installation.

Hence the name.

We want to make sure everything goes as close to perfect as possible with your new awning project.

Not that we’ve heard horror stories from former customers of other awning companies, such as being hassled by a commissioned awning salesperson, having the wrong awning delivered at the wrong time, and having such a slip-shod installation done that the awning starts to fall off in just a few weeks, threatening to take a large chunk of the house with it.

But even if we have heard such horror stories, you can rest assured that these things will not happen to YOU when you book Best Awning Company for your project.

We can offer you the greatest selection of styles, fabrics, and features (such as weather-sensing equipment that protects the awning when the wind kicks up, and embedded LED lights that let you keep the deck party going into the evening).

And when you call us, you’ll talk to a live person (remember those?) who will schedule your estimate with the owner of the company – not with a commissioned salesperson.

You’ll also get the best installation available anywhere, performed by our cherished pro employees (not a couple of guys we picked up outside the local hardware store).  (Not that there’s anything wrong with the guys outside the local hardware store.  But we don’t know them, and we’ve never seen them install an awning.)

Put your tax return to work on making your outdoor living space the envy of the neighborhood!  Your property value will go up, your utility bills will go down, and you’ll have a wonderful outdoor space to enjoy.  Way better than picnicking in the garage, which you’ll need for that ’89 Dart anyway.  So give us a call today!  Let us show you what it means to have the BEST Awning Company at your service.

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I had Best Awning install a beautiful Awning at my back patio. They are a top notch company. From the day Tyler came out to show me samples to the finished product installed, they were most professional and timely. I highly recommend this company and I absolutely love my new awning!

Jennifer P. Conifer, CO

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Awnings & Canopies in Conifer CO