Those Summer Parties Are On The Way!

… Get Your Deck Or Patio COVERED… We Can Help

I know, I know: We just had the snow shovels out a few days ago, and now here’s Tyler, talking about summer.

If you’ve lived anywhere around Denver or the Colorado Front Range for longer than a hot (hot!) minute, you know that our weather, while mostly fantastic, is a bit wild sometimes.  And yes, it can snow here in our little slice of Heaven just about any time.

But you also know that, come the Fourth of July, you’re going to want to be out there partying with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and that one older lady down the block who just comes for the free food.

There probably won’t be snow out there on the back deck or patio… but the Colorado sun will be beating down on your party like crazy.  After all, when the sun is 5,280 feet (or more) closer than it is in, say, Florida… you’re going to want some protection from it for you, your guests, and the old lady.

You can pass around the SPF 500 sun screen, sure.

But it might be better to get your party covered by a beautiful new retractable awning.


Dude, Your Wife Is HOT…

… Out there in the blazing Colorado sunshine!  Sure, like all of us, she’s been looking forward to the warmer weather all winter and spring… but, come on, Man, it IS possible to over-do it.  So you can be a hero for her, and for your other party guests, by getting a great new awning.

You’ll have it made in the shade!

Did you know that covering your patio or deck with a retractable awning can make it up to twenty degrees cooler out there during the hot summer months?  No kidding. 

Put that awning up over your outdoor space, and you’ll see your guests (invited, mostly) congregate under it like a… well, like an appropriately socially distanced congregation.  Of cooler people.  Because of the awning.  Also, cool people go to cool parties.

And that’s saying nothing of the other cool features you can get on the great awning products , available today. So let’s say something about those:

  • Weather sensors.  Some models come with weather sensors which will actually close your retractable awning when the wind kicks up (which, going back to the hot minute you’ve lived here, you know it sometimes will).
  • LED lights.  We can get you an awning with dimmable LED lights included, so sundown doesn’t mean the end of the party.  (Our customers tell us this is one of the coolest features of their awnings.)
  • Remote control.  Say you’re inside, prepping the next batch of burgers, when you glance out the sliding glass door and notice hot people.  You can grab the remote and open your cool awning from the kitchen!  In many cases!
  • Almost unlimited selection.  Yes, these days, you can almost design your own awning from the many choices available in terms of style, type, and functionality of your new awning.  And the sky’s the limit when it comes to your choice of fabrics and colors.
  • Literally, the sky’s the limit.  If you think about it, right now, all you have is sky over your patio or deck.  And that means that old harsh sun has free reign over your summer party.  Some cool people find that limiting; they won’t (and shouldn’t) stay out there very long.  An awning can fix that!

Don’t miss out on hosting the best summer parties ever.  One call to the   Best Awning Company, and you’ll have it “made in the shade.”  (Actually, your awning will probably be made indoors, so there you go.)  You’ll save on your energy bills, you’ll enhance your home’s value, and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood cookout circuit!

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